Upright Season 2 by Tim Minchin [6/10]

The first season of “Upright” was Tim Minchin at his best (my review): funny, wild, a script that worked as both propulsive and emotionally deep. Season 2, then, is a bit of letdown, although it is perfectly watchable. Minchin again plays Lucky, now a successful rock performer wasting his life, until young Meg from Season 1 lobs on his doorstep and takes him on an odyssey into the jungles of northern Queensland. The acting remains sold throughout and some of the snappy dialogue works, but the plot is naff and the overall story arc is shoddy. The action scenes lack flair and the Lucky-Meg dialogue retains little of the initial humor. Minchin himself remains highly engaging and the short episodes charge along, but overall, Upright Season 2 feels hurried.

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