Colin From Accounts by Patrick Brammall & Harriet Dyer [7/10]

Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer bring wonderfully timed comedic dialogue expertise to “Colin From Accounts,” a cutesy rom-com series that mixes subtlety and in-your-face oddness. Brammall plays Gordon, owner of an inner-city Sydney brewery, Dyer is Ashley, a younger medical student, and the pair meet and bond over an accident with a dog. Both are awkward misfits and quirky characters at the same time, and around them swirls an ensemble cast of similarly distinctive people bringing modern city life into colorful repose. Each of the short episodes reminded me of a seventies sit-com dabbling with modern themes and ideas: always amusing, sometimes touching, never dull but also skating across any deeper themes. A pleasure to indulge in over a week but never aspiring to more, Colin from Accounts felt to me, in the watching, like a few ideas short of brilliant.

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