Foundation Season 2 [7/10]

An entire generation of readers grew up to laud Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series of space opera extravaganzas. All kudos then to the team that tackled this icon for an opening season of ten episodes a couple of years ago. Although highly impressive, Season 1 seemed slightly overwhelmed by Asimov’s complex plot (see my review), and Season 2 of Foundation reinforces that picture. Let me stress the many positives: the acting, only occasionally overly portentous, remains first-rate (I won’t list the many fine performances, see the review link above); the space-opera filmics are sublime, even awe-inspiring; some new plot threads are introduced in fine fashion; episode direction is steady-handed. On the negative side, the music remains appalling, but that could be dealt with. It’s the plot, specifically the underlying story of Hari Seldon, his magic cube, the time and space wizardry, and a propensity for weird new super-science to pop up (did Asimov really use those devices?), that often left me shaking my head with bewilderment. I noted at the end of Season 1 that the follow-up might bed down the overall narrative, instead the confusion, whilst not crippling, has deepened. I shall, of course, continue with the journey

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