Deadloch by Kate McCartney & Kate McLennan [9/10]

What a rollicking delight, rocking with madcap humor while also suffused with classic Coen-Brothers-style dread, is Deadloch! Beset with a headline label of “feminist noir comedy,” and roaring with sharp wit, we embark on eight jam-packed, tightly choreographed (in the best tradition of twisty, twisty murder mysteries) episodes. A visually stunning Tasmanian town is plunged into terror when male bodies are found with identical gruesome MOs, and the task of righting wrongs falls to steady-as-she-goes local policewoman Dulcie Collins (brilliantly played by Kate Box) and a crass, swearing, visiting hoon cop, Eddie Redcliffe from Darwin (portrayed completely over the top by Madeleine Sami in a way that also endears). A huge cast of eccentric characters swirls around Dulcie and Eddie as they seek a killer. The early slapstick tone darkens toward the end, without ever relinquishing a guffaw or a chuckle, and the crime plot is flawlessly executed, guaranteed to fool every watcher. Written by TV comedians Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, Deadloch is a oncer, a mix of genre magic and feminist truth-talking and genius humor. A winner.

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