Bosch: Legacy Season 2 [9/10]

The cascade of Michael Connelly offerings—books and series—featuring either perennial Harry Bosch or newer Mickey Haller or Renee Ballard, can be hard to keep up with. What astounds me is how consistently excellent, within its chosen crime fiction genre, all the output is. Bosch: Legacy spins off from Bosch the driven homicide detective, now driven private investigator, and increasingly focuses on Maddie, Bosch’s daughter, a fresh cop in the LAPD. Madison Lintz flawlessly captures the young woman through initial travails, and into her early career, as she inevitably morphs into her father’s implacable, violence-soaked character. In Season 2, Maddie is kidnapped in a terrifying first scene and we spend a few episodes as Bosch endeavors to rescue her before it is too late. Blowback from Season 1, featuring two newish and engaging characters—super-lawyer Honey Chandler and hip hacker Mo Bassi—threatens Bosch, and a defence case plunges them all into the web spun by rogue cops (with Max Martini in particular playing a terrific part). Midway through this season, I wondered (as I often do) if the Bosch lineage is coming to a useful end, but then the final episodes steamed ahead, and I was left shaking my head in enjoyable amazement. Another fine series.

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