2023 Top 10 movies/shows halfway through this year

These days it seems fashionable to decry the quality of streaming shows, especially from Netflix, but from my perspective, what we continue to receive from the totality of the streamers plus the traditional TV stations and movie producers remains an outstanding menu. You won’t go wrong with the smorgasbord below, six seasons and four films, three sci-fi offerings and an assortment of other genres.

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Succession Season 4 (10/10)—need I say anything at all?

This first season of Slow Horses was most welcome but the second season (10/10)—perfection, the spy thriller outing you must see!

The Last of Us (9/10)—a zombie series, to be sure, but beautifully scripted and acted, and rich with characters under stress.

Tetris (9/10)—a pell-mell, zany movie rich with recent Cold War and techo history.

Corsage (9/10)—a most divergent movie for me, examining the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in 1877-78, but oh, the heartbreaking brilliance!

The Peripheral (8/10)—a scintillating eight-episode rendition of William Gibson’s outstanding sci-fi novel.

The second season (8/10) of Fisk, as delightfully droll and Melbourne-centric as the first.

Vesper (8/10)—a French-Lithuanian-Belgian post-apocalyptic science fiction extravaganza dripping with murky atmospherics.

Aftersun (8/10)—Charlotte Wells’ arthouse reflection on love and despair is not for everyone but it has lingered in me.

The sixth season (8/10) of Outlander—history, a dash of fantasy, romance, derring-do, and sex … what’s not to love?

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