Fisk Season 2 by Kitty Flanagan [8/10]

Ah, Kitty Flanagan! The first six-episode season of “Fisk” was brilliant (my review), a feast of droll comedy and resonant characterisation, and the follow-up six-episode season is even funnier. Very much an Australian-inflected, Melbourne-soaked show, Season 2 takes up the tale of a well-meaning but blunt lawyer (played in sublime fashion by Flanagan) in a husband-wife-lawyer-due practice in the tram-dinging heartland of the inner city. The inventive storytelling of the first season continues apace, with each episode offering delighted laughter, intellectual pleasure at plot twists, and (surprisingly) poignancy in the final episode. Somehow Flanagan manages to humanise all the diverse characters she skewers. Roll on Fisk Season 3, please!

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