Thin Ice [6/10]

Thin Ice” offers so much: a setup (an Arctic Council meets in Greenland to sign a climate-emergency treaty) snatched from our headlines; eye-candy scenery amidst the grandeur of Greenland’s vast spaces and its town with colored houses; the promise of intrigue involving different countries, different languages; and ice-and-snow action scenes wonderfully staged? So why does the Swedish eight-part series periodically falter, risking viewer withdrawal. Whilst much of the direction is tight and slick, the frequent hotel scenes can occasionally seem clunky. As well, although the acting is serviceable (notables including Bianca Kronlöf and Angunnguaq Larsen), two key actors remain unconvincing throughout. And although plot switchbacks are de rigeur for such thrillers, the plot complexity of Thin Ice is torrid enough to raise eyebrows. Overall, entertaining and scenic but not outstanding.

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