The Triumph of Evil by Charles Petrie & Spike Zephaniah Stephenson [8/10]

United Nations diplomat Charles Petrie operated in the hellholes of the world for two decades, and in “The Triumph of Evll: Genocide in Rwanda and the Fight for Justice,” he jettisons his learnt reticence to pursue an evildoer he came across during the unbelievably appalling Rwandan genocide in 1994. A UN officer led the killings of numerous people, including UN friends of Petrie, but has remained free despite years of pursuit. Petrie’s crowd-funded book is a modern-day page turner, as he describes, painstakingly and often lyrically, the twists and turns of his diplomatic career, all the while attempting to keep the wheels of justice turning. He admits to failure, and one of his confessions is heartbreaking. What makes The Triumph of Evil so remarkable is the beautiful illustrated drawings of Spike Zephaniah Stephenson, especially a long visual narrative of the unspeakable events of 1994. The Triumph of Evil springs from the heart and is a work of bracing, solemn majesty. May Petrie’s campaign one day win!

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