Redesign Your Mind by Eric Maisel [9/10]

One of the most prolific writers about creativity, the mind, and issues of the mind, Eric Maisel is always stylishly entertaining to read, a fount of wisdom, and oriented towards action. I do believe I’ve read all his books, ever since one of them changed my life. Lately, the practical use to which I’ve been able to put his output has diminished, simply because I have already incorporated so many of his suggestions into my life. All that said, “Redesign Your Mind: The Breakthrough Program for Real Cognitive Change” is Maisel’s breakthrough book for the 2020s. Brilliantly and wittily written, he approaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy—talking to yourself to your advantage—through a metaphor of a room in your mind. A brilliant notion indeed and one that is instantly usable. He offers forty ways of utilising this concept, forty spot-on techniques for mediating and moderating your mind towards better results, and I have already used half a dozen with solid success. I have lifted my mood, curbed irritation, spurred energy, reduced bitter thoughts, and hammered in improved concentration. I cannot recommend Redesign Your Mind enough: even if you deride self-help books, please, please take a look at this.

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