Deadwater Fell [6/10]

Deadwater Fell,” a four-parter set in Scotland, is an absorbing mystery series that encourages binging by setting the scene early and slowly teasing the viewer. A sturdy vehicle for David Tennant, it features a number of stalwart actors, and its production values are high. The story is classic: in an idyllic village setting, a seemingly perfect family of four is caught in a horrific house fire, with only the doctor father/husband (Tennant) surviving but only just. Almost immediately, it is clear foul play has been at work, and from there the movie rips the village apart as suspects are tabled and discarded. The screenplay unfolds in a leisurely way, which both heightens the “what next” factor but dampens the eventual reveal, and the plot dynamics work in the moment yet come across as slightly shabby once the closing credits roll. All in all, Deadwater Fell is enjoyable viewing without reaching the heights such murder mysteries aspire to.

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