Nobody [8/10]

Nobody“is a vigilante movie. Vigilante flicks balance many factors and some are just the right combination of wish fulfilment and morality, while most cross various lines to end up as violence porn. In this instance, the film dares to eschew the usual tough guy actors who dominate this sub-genre. They chose Bob Odenkirk, no one’s tough guy, and surprise, surprise, he turns out to have the golden touch. He plays Hutch, a self-styled nobody in a shit job, despised by his son, stuck in a dull routine. And then … and then, fate intervenes with a home invasion that opens up Hutch to reinstate his real past and exact revenge, and then writer Derek Holstad (of John Wick fame) inserts a crazed psychopathic Russian into the mix, and then the violence explodes, with a panache that beguiled. All the actors perform admirably, but Odenkirk is a triumph as both the wallflower and the hand of doom. Nobody is a perfectly calibrated slab of righteous vigilantism that never frightens, always entertains.

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