All the Colours of You by James [7/10]

All the Colours of You,” the sixteenth album in a long, stellar career, has attracted the usual “best ever” reviews, but the truth is, old men’s albums like these, even when highly skilled, can never capture early moments of genius. That said, All the Colours of You is a wonderfully entertaining, sophisticated set of songs in indie style, graced by the fluid wonders of singer/writer Tim Booth’s voice and underpinned by a smooth adventurous band backing. Each one of the eleven tracks is a joyful listen and Booth’s questing lyrics, often barbed, never flag. James’ fans are the most fanatical of all, and we will all soak this release up, but if you’ve never encountered the band, All the Colours of You would make a stylish, singalong introduction. Highlights include the anthemic, existential “Zero,” with Booth singing supreme; the radio-friendly “Beautiful Beaches,” relating California’s recent wildfires; and the lilting refrain of “I will wait” on a gentler track, “Hush.”

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