Call My Agent Season 4 [9/10]

“A tonic,” I called Season 3 of “Call My Agent” when I watched and reviewed it during last year’s lockdown. Season 4 opens with the four core talent agents split apart and now buttressed with a handful of younger aspirants. Skullduggery abounds and the firm ASK, the heart of the series, struggles to retain its glory days. Camille Cottin stuns as the firm’s new head Andrea, Thibault de Montalembert is rock steady as Machiavellian Mathias, Gregory Montel is pitch perfect as earnest Gabriel, and among the supporting cast, Nicolas Maury steals the show as Herve. The central conceit of Call My Agent, real stars playing themselves, has never been amped up as much—Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sigourney Weaver, and Jean Reno triumph in resonant roles. Laughs abound, Parisian eye candy delights, and sly plot twists enthrall, but the strength of the show remains the exploration of the characters’ ambitions and hearts. Much as I am averse to over-praise, Season 4 tops its three predecessors and is roundly recommended. Ah, sweet times indeed were the four seasons of this feast of story, portrayal, and life’s lessons. I wish for a fifth season of Call My Agent but to go out on such a high is indeed a fitting closure.

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