Call My Agent Season 3 [8/10]

Call My Agent,” the tale of a Parisian movie star agency beset by daily dramas, the foibles of its clients, and internal struggles, floats and jiggles with huge energy. What sets it above similar small dramas is that the represented movie stars are in fact the big names of French film. Over the six episodes of Season 3, Jean Dujardin, Monica Bellucci, and Isabelle Huppert are superb, sending themselves up but also being themselves. The four partners are delightful, and the office staff are superbly acted by perfectly cast actors; Laure Calamy as dotty Noemie is a highlight. In this season, machinations between the partners and staff escalate into a treacherous climax that pans out with intelligent precision. Funny, wistful, sometimes sad, and always stylish, Call My Agent is a tonic at the end of a brutal day.

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