Walking Like We Do by The Big Moon [8/10]

What genre of music suits lockdown best, came the thought. Methinks it’s the earworm indie rock put out by London four-piece The Big Moon. On their sophomore album, “Walking Like We Do,” the band overshadow their guitars with bouncy synths, keys, even some sax. Nothing revolutionary or even evolutionary here, female-singer songs that could have come out of any of the past four decades, but the writing is tight and intelligent, and lead singer Juliette Jackson’s yearning, sweet voice rules over an airy production. The lyrics are light but not silly. All eleven tracks hit a mood in the first second and play out with wonderful timing. Standout tracks, hard to separate from the ruck, are “It’s Easy Then” with its piano/bass intro and synthy harmonies and oh-so-catch chorus; “Don’t Think” sees the roaring twin guitars return for a dark-edged ripper; and “Your Light” is the highlight, Jackson’s voice light over banging bass and drums as the verses build to a Heart-reminiscent chorus. If only all so-called light indie pop could be so accomplished yet unmanufactured.

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