Medical Police [8/10]

Medical Police” should be anathema right now, a bioterrorism/pandemic spoof making light of our lockdown and the plight of Covid-19 sufferers, but the ten-part series is so silly in plot that considerations of rectitude do not apply. And it is tremendously funny. To summarise the show’s premise, two hospital pediatricians are thrust into a battle to trace and cure a terrorist-delivered global virus. Very much descended from Flying High, it’s the nonsensical disjunctive segues in each scene that bring out the chuckles and, surprisingly often, the belly laughs. The two main actors, Errin Hayes and Rob Huegel, are the key comedians, and they are pitch perfect, backed by a stellar crew of supporting actors who flesh out the loopy goodies and baddies. Direction is crisp and intelligent, the action scenes are wonderfully choreographed, and nothing is labored. If you’re after gags and jokes, “Medical Police” might be just your next binge.

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