Scorpion Sting by Mick Bose [4/10]

The ninth in the high-octane spy thriller series starring Dan Roy, “Scorpion Sting” is a quick, almost satisfying read. The plot revolves around our hero on the trail of a killer until he hears a mayday from his old flame, Russian ultra assassin Scorpion; the two unite to tackle a fearsome plot by an ultra terrorist. That one-line description sounds like a parody and therein lies the issue: Mick Bose writes well, the action is quite compelling, the many locales are sketched vividly enough, but … something about the overall plot arc invites feelings of déjà vu. If you love this genre – and I do – grab “Scorpion Sting” for a zinger of a read, but beware of the novel’s limitations.

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