Heaven by Dilly Dally [6/10]

The second, much awaited release by Toronto grunge rockers Dilly Dally, “Heaven” is uncommercial but full of loveliness. Kate Monks, the core of the group, has one of those voices you’ll not forget, stretching and cooing, shredding the larynx, and soaring with a stratospheric rasp. At the group’s best, on the opener “I Feel Free,” the combination of small-girl, wispy voice and ballistic chorus, accompanied by atmospheric guitar and solid rhythms, is memorable. “Sober Motel,” sweet then screeching, some kind of paean to longing and sobriety, concludes with a voice/guitar finale. “Marijuana,” an ode to the substance, seesaws from plaintive wonder to raucous insistence. Although the unremitting holler dullens the experience somewhat, this blend of Pixies and Courtney Love, is most impressive and even enjoyable.

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