Russian Doll Episodes 5 to 8 [9/10]

The final half of the blindingly excellent “Russian Doll” takes off into the stratosphere after a great first half (I rated Episode 1 at 8/10 and ditto for Episodes 2 to 4) . Natasha Lyonne continues her star turn as Nadia, now working with Alan (Charlie Barnett gets better and better) to tease out how their lives intersected to put them in eternal limbo. The unfurling of the sci-fi-many-worlds clues is splendidly invigorating for the viewer, and not a moment of screen time is wasted. No clues here, but rest assured that the climactic resolution, after a number of detours, is wonderfully satisfying without being in the slightest cloying. Quite the best series I’ve watched this year and well deserving of a superlative rating.

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