Russian Doll Episodes 2 to 4 [8/10]

Episode 1 of this picaresque series captivated me (I rated it at 8/10) and the next three episodes of “Russian Doll” up the ante even further. Natasha Lyonne sparkles as the profane, feisty Nadia seeking clues as to why she keeps dying and returning to life at her birthday party. Concentration is needed, for it’s clear every minor plot twist and turn could mean something else later. A bevy of fascinating characters, all played brilliantly, sashays in and out of Nadia’s growing nightmare. The cinematography by Chris Teague is sublime and the music rocks. And then, at the end of Episode 4, a plot twist occurs that had me leap from my chair. Holy shmoly! I can’t wait for the second half of the season. Highly, highly recommended as a perfect example of how a prosaic idea can be turned into riveting cinema.

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