Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 1 [6/10]

Killing Eve” was one of my 2018 highlights, a luscious mix of psycho thriller, spy thriller, and relationship comedy. It was whip smart and in its two lead actors, Jodie Comer (playing the gruesome yet child-like super assassin Villanelle) and Sandra Oh (as Eve Palastri the blundering but brilliant secret service analyst) were incandescent. I’ve come to Season 2 with trepidation, even though the Season 1 finale prefigured more, because the central premise of the series – a good spy after the psychopath but strangely attracted towards her – has already been thoroughly explored. Well, Season 2’s opener doesn’t muck about, beginning 30 seconds after Eve stabbed Villanelle at the end of the previous offering. We see Eve lurching back to London, trying to pick up her life, we see Villanelle staggering, all bloody, through Paris to survive. Yet the episode falters with the need to take a breath after the breakneck pace it follows. Very little happens and we know the characters so well, no surprises there ensue either. It’s more of the same but almost downbeat and at the end, I found myself wondering if “Killing Eve” should instead have been a one-season blitz. Yet I’m more than intrigued enough to continue onward. Watch if you’re a fan, make sure the first season is under your belt first.

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