Hit Me by Peter Thompson [7/10]

What a premise! Hitman Charley Fieldner unveils his next assignment… and it’s to kill himself. His world careens wildly and “Hit Me,” a wildly entertaining thriller, zooms off into the stratosphere. I lapped up this wholly immersive thriller, written in a smooth-as-butter kinetic style, in little over twenty-four hours, and I’m confident you’ll do likewise. Author Peter Thompson employs the close-up first person style, which has the advantage of placing us there, in the thick of things, but distances us a little from more profound reflection or any sense of irony. Charley Fieldner is portrayed as living flesh, and all the supporting characters are well drawn, and the locales in city and suburb come to evocative life. The action scenes are to die for. Charley is a worthy successor to Westlake’s Parker or Disher’s Wyatt, and I hope he returns soon. A wild ride.

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