The Vegan by Andrew Lipstein [8/10]

An eloquent novel about guilt and veganism set in the rarefied world of financial quant funds, The Vegan, is like nothing else you will read from 2023. Herschel Caine (isn’t that a swashbuckling name for a finance king?) is one the cusp of riches, with his groundbreaking upstart investment fund, when a minor prank tailspins into a tragedy that derails him, suddenly forcing him to empathize with the world of animals and question his entire life. Employing the lingo of quant funds, but adding a flair for lilting prose, the author tells a deftly plotted tale that leaves the reader guessing until the final chapter, and the ending is simultaneously natural, strange, and correct. The Vegan is a swirling brain trip, a lovingly crafted ode to animals and investment, and a quasi-thriller. Recommended.

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