The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie [6/10]

At his best, writer/director Guy Ritchie produces intelligent, sparkling, complex thrillers, but latest his best has not been on display. Now he has created an eight-episode streaming series, The Gentlemen, that reprises the basic storyline behind one his best movies of the same name. Ex-soldier Eddie inherits the blue-blood estate of his father, only to find himself burdened by the rampant debts of his feckless brother Freddy and, more significantly, a weed farm on his property that attracts attention from all manner of gangsters. The series is deftly, if outrageously, plotted, each episode features at least one Ritchie-esque scene of spectacular blood splatter, and the cinematography is suitably opulent. In the end, The Gentlemen amounts to ready gangsta entertainment held up by a fine supporting cast, but it fails to set the world alight primarily because the competent lead acting by Theo James fails to set the screen alight.

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