Climate Capitalism by Akshat Rathi [8/10]

Scientist-journalist Akshat Rathi performs a vital public service as we near the middle of the 2020s, unfurling Climate Capitalism: Winning the Global Race to Zero Emissions. There are plenty of advocates and apologists for the view that the climate crisis will be solved by technical improvements inevitably generated by global businesses. Under this view, those calling for the sundering of capitalism, or at least the softening of it, are mistaken. Neither side can convince me at present but I was keen to read a status report and Bloomberg journalist Rathi’s concise, clearly told survey is just the ticket. Nearly a dozen chapters cover the near miracles of EV and battery improvements/cost reductions; India’s role wedged between the West and China; the turnaround of the International Energy Agency; Bill Gates’s role (call me skeptical but Rathi does his best); the fiasco (Rathi does not call it that) of carbon capture; an oil company making a real or imagined shift toward renewables; Denmark’s remarkable wind turbine story; business-oriented UK climate activism; and a global manufacturing client going green (again call me dubious). Throughout, just enough detail is provided without excessive padding. Throughout, the author’s tone is level. All in all, Climate Capitalism is very much worth a read.

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