Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Michael Mosley [8/10]

The title of this three-part documentary, Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Michael Mosley, is unlike to draw in anyone not currently thinking about sleep and its ramifications, but it’s a hidden treasure, one that anyone cursed with insomnia must watch. Mosley, as ever, expertly spins out the storyline of thirty insomniacs (himself included, of course) being tackled by a large multi-disciplinary team of experts at Flinders University, the result being a modestly entertaining watch. But the meat of series is twofold: the unfolding of a method of “retraining” the body and mind to a productive framework whereby roughly 85% of your “bed time” is actual “sleep time” (an added factor not of interest to me is the latest techniques to battle sleep apnoea); and the variety and dramas of the participants, many of whom are engaging characters. I learnt something valuable and am sure any insomniac viewer would do likewise, and for further elucidation, one can, of course, turn to the accompanying Mosley book.

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