Turn Every Page by Lizzie Gottlieb [9/10]

If you knew nothing of Robert Caro, the superlative biographer, or Robert Gottlieb, one of the most influential and productive editors of the modern age, “Turn Every Page,” a documentary of their fifty-year author-editor relationship by the editor’s daughter, might seem arcane, only for literary insiders. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Anyone involved with or interested in creativity, in any field, should watch this on repeat. Brilliantly structured and paced, the documentary weaves their histories, illustrated with archival photographs and videos and enlivened by talking heads of high quality, with talking to both men and watching them work together (on Caro’s fifth volume of his LBJ biography, surely the most anticipated book in decades). Caro’s diligence and idealism shine through, as does Gottlieb’s brilliance and prodigious life. Turning Every Page should garner 2023 awards and you need to watch it.

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