The End of Eden by Adam Welz [8/10]

South African writer/naturalist/conservationist Adam Welz has, with The End of Eden: Wild Nature in the Age of Climate Breakdown, done what many of us would dearly love to, namely traverse the globe seeking to imprint on our own psyches, but also on humanity’s conscience, the many, many ways in which our climate crisis is driving nature and wildlife toward extinction. Eschewing outrage, employing a measured tone and gentle specifics, the author delves into pockets of nature around the globe in which shifting seasons amidst vanishing wilderness are sending animals, birds, and plants into a spiral of doom. The Puerto Rican iguaca parrot, the incredible Red Knot, mooses in New England, hornbills in the Kalahari Desert, dolphins off the coast of Texas … the remorseless litany is laid out with a calmness that is in itself irredeemably tragic. A final chapter offers us the author’s more general view of the climate crisis and how it might be tackled, but by then his work is already done. We are bringing upon the Earth the sixth great extinction and Adam Welz is indeed documenting The End of Eden.

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