Reality by Tina Satter [7/10]

A modest film tackling a theme of huge import, namely the role of whistleblowers, “Reality” has that title because it describes the FBI interrogation, in her home, of Reality Leigh Winner, an airforce veteran working as translator for the NSA. Fascinatingly, all the dialogue in the film comes verbatim from transcripts, requiring fancy cinematographic effects to blank out the blacked-out redacted segments. The veteran was being grilled because of a report on Russian hacking of the 2016 U.S. election outcome being leaked to the press. Sydney Sweeney is fabulous in the lead role, conveying the slow buildup of terror as she realizes what she has courted. Josh Hamilton and Marchant Davis are also moment-by-moment brilliant as the FBI investigators. The moral dimensions of a “good” person taunted beyond resistance by evil uncovered but not publicized are subtly drawn out. Reality does strike one as an oddity but a most welcome one.

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