Hanging the Devil by Tim Maleeny [8/10]

Within a few pages of commencing Hanging the Devil, the sixth in a San Francisco crime fiction series featuring private investigator Cape Weathers, by Tim Maleeny, something about the confident style, the sassy dialogue, and the kinetic plotting reminded me of that grandmaster of the genre, Stuart M. Kaminsky. The comparison only goes so far—Maleeny maxes out on humor—but it remained apt for the rest of the evening it took me to rocket through this engaging, fascinating novel. Revolving around an eleven-year-old illegal immigrant girl from Hong Kong, who witnesses a daring art museum heist seemingly perpetrated by a ghost, Hanging the Devil sees our PI hero, Cape Weathers, and his crime solving partner, ninja-style Sally Mei, navigate the murky depths of the city’s Chinese and Russian crime gangs. Blithe inventiveness suffuses every page, all the characters joke through even the direst of situations, and the chapter-to-chapter jumps are a pleasure in themselves. Such a pleasure and one that will send me back to the earlier five books in the series!

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  1. Very nice review! I have read and enjoyed all six books in the series. Hanging the Devil is my new favorite although I really loved the first “Stealing the Dragon” and until now “Boxing the Octopus” was my favorite – who knew that Octopi were so smart!! Maleeny had a great article on his website about them and all they can do!! Fascinating.

    1. Thanks Debi, have grabbed the podcast re Boxing the Octopus to listen to. It’s odd but Hanging the Devil has continued to simmer in my mind since my fast read. I think I’ll go back and read Stealing the Dragon,” especially after your endorsement.

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