Extraction 2 [5/10]

I failed to watch the original Extraction but one recent evening, an urge came upon me to watch a dumbass action movie. They serve a purpose. And Chris Hemsworth comes across as at least slightly self-effacing. Hence Extraction 2, two hours and two minutes of an “extraction team” of specialists rescuing a woman from a Georgian prison and then battling a Georgian criminal overlord seeking revenge. The overarching “personal” storyline involves the Hemsworth hero recovering from the first film and regretting his neglectful-father past. We do not expect much from this type of John-Wick-style film and some of what we do expect is occasionally delivered this time: extended gore-video-game scenes, two of which are done well, one of which is plain stupid; a partially atmospheric bad guy; sweeping cinematics; a huge train crash; plenty of quips in dialogue that can sometimes hit the mark but more often seems overly flippant; tight tense scenes but also overblown dull action scenes. The acting is formulaic except for sparks of life from Hemsworth, clearly wrestling with a patchy script. All in all, Extraction 2 gets a pass grade but only just.

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