Where the Crawdads Sing [6/10]

Where the Crawdads Sing” is a competent if uninspiring filmic version of Delia Owens’s captivating bestseller. The tale of an abandoned “marsh girl” who grows up alone in the wetlands and swamps of North Carolina, ending up in court on a murder charge, was notable in its book form for exquisite descriptions of nature, and that, at least, has been lovingly captured in the movie (albeit to the sound of the sappiest music score I can recall in years). Daisy Edgar-Jones is cast well as the shy recluse growing into a woman but the portrayal suffers from inconsistencies in the script. Aspects that the book covered well, such as the girl’s transition into a published author/illustrator, are mucked up in the movie. The two male leads are earnest but unconvincing. Overall, Where the Crawdads Sing made me cringe over its first half but went some way toward redemption with a rousing courtroom resolution (although the epilogue felt tacked on). Enjoyable but hokey.

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