The Tourist by Harry & Jack Williams [8/10]

A showcase for Jamie Dorman that is so much more, “The Tourist” is a kinetic mix of road thriller, amnesiac mystery, and rollicking humor. Dorman plays a slouchy Irishman, almost crushed to death by a mystery truck driver, who wakes up with no memory and an innate desire to discover the truth in the remote Australian outback. Filmed superbly by two brilliant cinematographers, the landscapes with towns connected by iconic dusty roads seem to be characters in their own rights. Dorman is not the only outstanding actor, either. Of special note is Danielle Macdonald, spot-on as a rookie policewoman of self-effacing character, who, despite herself, is sucked into pursuing and aiding the mystery man. All of the above—fine acting, evocative settings, and a classic mystery setup—would be nothing without a fizzing, clever plot, and Harry and Jack Williams deliver, combining twists and flashbacks and lunatic action into a web that delighted this viewer over six equally fabulous episodes. The Tourist gives itself few graces but is a splendid tale exuberantly told.

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