The Genesis Defense by Frank Kennedy [7/10]

The Genesis Defense” is the fifth of the amazingly complex, involving space opera series Beyond the Impossible. From what I can see, Book 6 will complete “the second movement” of the series, and it’s not clear to me how sprawling the series will become. Certainly the tale as it stands in The Genesis Defense feels like it is just warming up. In any case, this series is a reading pleasure that I always delight in, and I have accorded the earlier four books complimentary reviews. This time out, we catch up with Royal, an immoral, immortal assassin who clearly will remain central, plus we track the fraught overshadowing plan of the Inventor, he of changed name and vision, and also Bonju, a scientist-warrior. Two universes collide as the evil Swarm crosses the Divide. As you can tell from this resume, I can’t tell you to read this as a standalone or as an introduction to the amazingly febrile, thrilling world of Frank Kennedy. But I can tell you The Genesis Defense maintains the standard, and is both exciting and fascinating to read.

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