The Echo Man by Sam Holland [6/10]

Taking the serial killer sub-genre as far as possible, “The Echo Man” plunges detectives Cara Elliott and Noah Deakin into a series of horrifying murders, soon revealed to be copycat killings mimicking the darkest of the dark, Kemper, Dahmer, Manson, on and on. At the same time, Jessica Ambrose is accused of murdering her husband but rescued by disgraced detective Nate Griffin, and both find themselves eerily linked to the baffling Echo Man spree. Debut author Sam Holland is a solid writer with a firm grip on a rollicking plot. The murders themselves are described with chilling realism, almost, it seemed to me, to the point of becoming serial-killer-porn. The Echo Man is a read best undertaken with a slight suspension of disbelief and a vacant evening, ending up as a horrific, hypnotic rush.

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