The Chestnut Man [8/10]

The Chestnut Man” is a Danish serial killer mystery with oodles of atmosphere and a cracking, baffling plotline. In other words, Netflix has another winner on its hands. After a gory prologue, the case opens with an experienced female detective taking on a last case, a gruesome murder of a woman. Chestnuts are everywhere. Add the imposition of an unwanted male detective who seems incompetent, and a seemingly unconnected subplot of a Danish minister returning to work after her daughter was abducted, and we know we’re in for a ride. The two lead actors, Danica Curcic and Mikkel Boe Folsgaard fully inhabit their roles, and there is not a single misstep with the rest of the cast. The serpentine plot unfolds with tremendous narrative skill, and each of the six episodes closes at a peak of tension. For mystery novel lovers, but also for general viewers, The Chestnut Man hits all the right buttons with flair and drama.

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