Put Your Ass (Where Your Heart Wants to Be) by Steven Pressfield [8/10]

Steven Pressfield is a phenomenon, a highly talented writer (with a compendiously varied oeuvre) and an exceedingly spirited and effective nonfiction author in the “self-help for creatives” genre. If you are a creative person, especially if you are a writer, any of his books can strike a strong chord with your calling, and “Put Your Ass (Where Your Heart Wants to Be)” is no exception. Culled and adapted from a series of blog posts on the most basic question one faces in creative life—how can I motivate myself, day in, day out?—this book might or might not aid you. In my case, it saved me (as did a couple of his similar books). After a health scare, I was motivated to push on with writing but lacked pep. Reading exhortation such as “There is no other time. Today is the Superbowl. Today is the day I give birth. Today is the day I die” set me up for sustained effort. And Pressfield is no mere Anthony Robbins, full of blather, he proffers wise anecdotes and considered strategies. For the select audience of people like me, I can think of no better helper right now than Put Your Ass (Where Your Heart Wants to Be).

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