Kleo [9/10]

Kleo” is one heck of a surprise, seemingly the child of the brilliantly plotted Patriot series and the stylish, gory mayhem of Killing Eve. Chock full of visual treats, imaginatively varying in pace, and plotted with verve over eight unpredictable episodes, it is never wholly original, yet always fresh. Jella Haase is perfect as East German assassin Kleo, wrongfully imprisoned and then released when the Berlin Wall comes down. Set on revenge, she eventually enlists unlikely companions such as druggy Thilo and hapless West German cop Sven. The scriptwriters and directors are not afraid to take chances, with the result that every episode is a hoot from start to end. No grand themes intrude but the post-Cold War German backdrop fascinates, and the music is an exuberant feast. Kleo is a 2022 standout.

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