Full Circle by Scott Ludlam [8/10]

Full Circle: Power, Hope and the Return of Nature” is the magnum opus of Scott Ludlam, a climate change activist and former Greens senator who epitomizes the concept of courage through action. In this book, he intertwines his own global travels in search of insights into how individuals face up to the climate emergency; a virtuoso exposition of the history of life on Earth; and his amazingly comprehensive readings on philosophy, economics, culture, and science. Ludlam is a beautiful writer, always on point in terms of precision but possessed of great eloquence. Any reader like me, constantly bisected between hope and nihilism, will be taken on a journey of place, time, and ideas, questing for a fresh political paradigm. That he was an Extinction Rebellion arrestee, at the same time as I was, attests to his ongoing determination. Full Circle deserves to be read and pondered by anyone struggling to find a way forward in these dark times.

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