Death to 2021 [6/10]

Death to 2020, a rollicking satirical retrospective of a year that could scarcely be believed, was a modest success according to me, and “Death to 2021” is much the same: replete with chuckle-worthy sketches, blessed with wonderful acting, and driven by a sharp screenplay, but somehow, at the end, hollow enough to leave behind a sense of disappointment. Core characters from 2020 triumphantly return: the racist Brexiter hammed up delightfully by Hugh Grant; Cristin Millioti as a MAGA troll; the oh-so-ordinary English wallflower played pitch-perfect by Diane Morgan. Once more Lawrence Fishburne provides mock serioso voiceover commentary. For an hour of slightly savage fun that does manage to encompass the year just gone, don’t hesitate to latch onto Death to 2021.

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