Bump by Claudia Karvan & Kelsey Munro Season 2 [8/10]

Very Australian, quirky as all heck, and wonderfully authentic, “Bump” is now two seasons long. The first season was especially compelling, introducing the fascinating premise of Year 11 student Oli (flawlessly portrayed by Nathalie Morris), completely unaware she is pregnant, delivering a baby at school. Her struggles to come to grips with this bombshell, amidst the dramas of two families notable for turmoil and drama, occupy the first season’s story arc, and it’s a breathtaking journey. In Season 2, Oly and (spoiler alert if you haven’t watched Season 1) Santi, her down-to-earth one night stand or boyfriend or partner (he comes across as all of these at various points) settle into forging a life with their baby while growing up. (By the way, Santi is also brilliantly portrayed, by Carlos Sanson Jnr.) This season’s canvas expands to flesh out the subplots of Oly’s and Santi’s roiling families and their diverse friends, and by the end of the season, there is a sense of the series settling into a family saga. (As another aside, the star turn here is from cowriter Claudia Karvan, compelling as Oly’s wise but all-too-human mother.) Season 2 felt simultaneously warmly welcoming and narratively fresh, and is also heartily recommended, if not quite as startling as the opener. Bump seems destined for a third season; let us hope it resists slumping into soapie territory.

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