Bosch: Legacy Season 1 [6/10]

The ongoing quality of the seven ten-episode Bosch streaming shows has always amazed me. Now a follow-up series, “Bosch: Legacy,” which echoes author Michael Connelly’s books in recounting the adventures of private investigator Harry Bosch after he leaves LA Homicide, has commenced. Has it maintained that quality? Well, the key ingredients—overseer Eric Ellis Overmyer and actor Titus Welliver in the core role—remain, and Season 1 once more makes use of a Connelly novel, but during my watching, I sensed a drop-off of filmic intensity. There is nothing wrong per se with the plotline, revolving around Bosch assisting defense attorney Honey Chandler pursue a tycoon, hunting the long lost relatives of a billionaire, and advising his daughter Maddie as she begins a career as a squad cop. And the production values remain: steely realism, fine camerawork, unhurried plot unfurling, solid ensemble support cast acting, and punchy dialogue. No, what I think has thinned out the urgency is an element of vigilantism that has emerged. Suddenly Bosch’s obsession with justice feels a tad less fascinating. So, dear viewer, by all means enjoy the noirish pleasures of Bosch: Legacy but please, relish the earlier shows first.

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