Anatomy of a Scandal [5/10]

Netflix seems awash with competent thriller series like “Anatomy of a Scandal,” a six-parter based on a bestselling novel. This one concerns a handsome, uber-high-flying British politician (cast well in Rupert Friend and competently acted out) who is accused of rape, the plot swirling around the pollie and his pretty wife (Sienna Miller does a reasonable job), and the phenomenally savage prosecuting lawyer (a standout role from Michelle Dockery). No spoilers here, but the slow build-up over the first few episodes devolves into a savage plot twist that, frankly, elicits disbelief. The courtroom scenes are sharply directed but much else is a drifting mélange. Anatomy of a Scandal is not shockingly poor, just an average watchable show that I mildly enjoyed but then dismissed when the final credits rolled.

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