A Trip to Infinity by Jonathan Halperin [7/10]

Too esoteric for many, “A Trip to Infinity” will appeal to many nerds and science/maths tragics. Jonathan Halperin and Drew Takahashi artfully combine spirited, often cheeky interviews with leading mathematicians, philosophers, and physicists who wrestle with topics associated with infinity, such as parallel universes, time travel, the size and timeframe of the universe, etc. It was fascinating for me to watch writers I had followed in video mode, such as Janna Levin, Brian Greene, Alan Lightman, and Carlo Rogelli; all of them are in sparkling form. Of the other eight locutors, I especially enjoyed the awe-struck tone of Steve Strogatz. The talking heads are ably supplemented by nifty graphics and cartoon explainers. Of course, one does not expect to get to the end with perfect understanding, otherwise you’d be a world-famous mathematician, right? I kept up (perhaps) for half the stunning mental pyrotechnics, then surrendered to a happy sense of wonderment. I recommend A Trip to Infinity for those who ever think about infinity and for their children and grandchildren.

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