What’s Wrong with You? by Sarah Holper [6/10]

In “What’s Wrong With You?: An Insider’s Guide To Your Insides,” young medico Sarah Holper gives us a cook’s tour of the way our innards work in commonplace areas often queried by people. Why do we yawn? What’s burping all about? Why will I, an older man, go bald but not my wife? Why does diarrhoea arise in so many different scenarios? How come I get itches? And so on, each intriguing piece engagingly written and informative. The author adds historical background, plus oddities, both of which added little to my enjoyment (but might intrigue you). I did find it refreshing to read a “medical” book without being sold “health how-to” or a website of supplements. What’s Wrong with You? will tantalise many a reader.

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