Think Like a Vegan by Emilia A. Leese & Eva A. Charalambides [6/10]

A stylish and personable discussion of all matters ethical from the point of view of a committed vegan, “Think Like a Vegan: What Everyone Can Learn from Vegan Ethics” would be ideal reading for those recently come to veganism or intrigued by the concept. The two authors share individual views and experiences as they roam over an expansive terrain of issues, from animal adoption to fake meat to justice. As a vegetarian, not a vegan, and one who came to my dietary regime from carbon footprint perspectives, rather animal ethics, much was interesting without challenging my own framework. But I used to read Peter Singer and it was interesting to see moral points of view expressed from a dietary viewpoint. Think Like a Vegan reads compellingly and smoothly, and might be just what you need.

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