The Undoing by David E. Kelley [6/10]

A six-part series, “The Undoing” wields serious acting firepower, with the two key roles being that of a doctor involved in a brutal murder case (Hugh Grant does a superb, subtle job) and his psychologist wife (played by Nicole Kidman, who occupies most of the screen time and is occasionally unconvincing). Notable supporting role performances are delivered by Ismael Cruz Cordova and Donald Sutherland. The plot lurches between suspect reveals and does a fine job of generating suspense, ensuring that once you begin watching, you won’t dare stop, but ends up rather clunky. Direction is steady but sometimes painfully slow, and the New York scenery pales a little with repetition. The courtroom scenes are a highlight. In the end, The Undoing is a slightly off-kilter thriller that nonetheless makes for compelling viewing.

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