The Premonition by Michael Lewis [10/10]

Michael Lewis’s portfolio of superb journalistic books revolves around analytical data in the everyday world plus smooth readability underpinned by compelling storytelling instincts. You cannot go wrong with a Michael Lewis book but some are more stellar than the others. “The Premonition: A Pandemic Story” is Lewis on song: a tale snatched from global headlines; brilliant real-life stories garnered from interviews; and vital analysis. Focusing on the Wolverines, an informal band of professionals and administrators obsessed with protecting us, the global corpus of humanity, against pandemics, Lewis sets the scene back in the Obama era, then walks us through how the Wolverines assembled the first data on Covid-19 and concluded with fervid urgency that it would sweep America and the world, and how they attempted to shift America, beset with a president and administration hellbent on doing less than nothing, into survival mode. Lewis is a master explainer of anything of complexity, and his narration of how the nature of Covid-19 revealed itself in fuzzy numbers from China and the world is magnificent. With the pandemic still raging, The Premonition is a real-life thriller more exciting than James Bond and essential reading for anyone with a mind and a conscience.

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