The Caretaker by Half Waif [6/10]

Singer/songwriter Sandi Rose Plunkett, known as Half Waif, delivers a sumptuous, loping synth-pop sophomore album with “The Caretaker.” Her songs sashay atop lovely keys and bass and gentle drums, with her ethereal voice drifting or swooping in and out. The impressionistic songs always contain a kernel of lovely melody and her lyrics seem to address solitude, longing, and a search for meaning. I liked the moody vocal overlay on “Halogen 2”; the plaintive, slow start to “Blinking Light,” bursting into its soaring chorus; and the gorgeous chant of “be the one you wanna be” on “My Best Self.” Some of the tracks of The Caretaker suit the lockdown breaks between Zooms, others could be listened to in the car with windows down. Light-footed yet deep, it’s a welcome 2020 musical contribution.

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